New Customer Tank Set:
$1.59 per gallon
+ The cost of a Second Stage Regulator ($53.00)  We collect  
before or at the time of the tank set for the special fill.
All prices are subject to market change.
Current price for Customers:
$1.89 for a Leased Tank and
$1.79 for a Customer Owned Tank 
(Plus discounts)
120 gallon tanks are $2.39 gallon

Free tank set and Gas Check

(Minimum deliveries of 150 gallons for a 330 gallon tank and
200 gallons on a 500 gallon tank, will be at the current market rate.)
Additional Discounts apply to full fills:
$.10 gallon discount for payment within 5 days
$.05 gallon discount for seniors, 60 and older

No Budget Fees, No Fuel Surcharges, No Hazmat Fees.


Call Today for a Free Tank Set and Safety Gas Check.



Kube Propane Customer Referral Program


Refer Friends and Family to Kube Propane and have them sign up for a tank set and

first fill, for a $50.00 credit towards your account. 


Our Thanks to you for being a valued customer.